Frequently Asked Questions about the Skip Hire Business


In a recent survey, a lot of queries are made by the interested people stop at different confusions before hiring a skip bin company. So, here are certain questions and solutions to them:-

  1. What type of skip should I hire?

See, if you consist of commercial waste, you should ask large bins to dispose of all your wastes at a time. But, if you have just normal domestic wastes or rather green wastes, you can simply hire a garden skip for green wastes and junk skip for general household waste. So, it is rather advisable whether you have commercial wastes or domestic wastes, ask the skip company for large containers.

  1. What kind of prices is included in skip hire?

The price list ascertained by the skip companies includes skip pick-up, skip a delivery, tip fees and handling costs. They also come with packages where you have standard prices. A good skip company will not choke out the prices before picking up as the company has no idea about the kind of waste contained in it. Check for an authenticated company because a bad one will only add up the tax to your bills.

  1. What type of waste can I dump into skips?

The major confusion during the pick-up of skip is that the customer wants to dump in every material. But the skip companies are titled with certain laws which forbid them to collect all kinds of waste. They can only accept garden skips, junk skips or mixed wastes. But, they will never accept asbestos, car tires, gas bottles, and its likes.

  1. What is the weight accepted by the skip bins?

Normally, the skip bins allow a weight of maximum 1,250 kilograms for 12 cubic meters of rubbish. If the weight exceeds, the price also increases. So, you can go for packages that stand for seven days or as you want it to be.

  1. Do I need to be at home in person when my waste is collected?

The answer is No. What you have to do is you can simply leave your waste outside your house or property. The team of the skip company will take the burden to collect from the destined place. So, you do not have to take your day off from your work or important schedule to dispose of your waste.

  1. Are all skip hire companies licensed?

This is a major concern. When you are looking for a skip hire company, it is important to check whether it is licensed or not rather checking in the price.

Thus, ask the skip hire  companies  near you or Skips  Gold Coast as many questions as you are battling in your mind. They must answer them all.