Kitchen stone countertops on a budget


Are you thinking of changing the countertop in your kitchen? Pay attention to the different materials available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

When choosing the materials for the design of your new kitchen, there are 3 basic aspects that you must take into account to make your decision correct:

Its durability: choose resistant materials so that they do not deteriorate easily and the countertop can last a long time intact.

Its functionality:  take into account the use that you are going to give it and make all the decisions thinking, above all, that its use is comfortable.

Its aesthetics:  that it lasts, resists intensive use and is comfortable are logical aspects, but do not neglect aesthetics so that with the passage of time it does not go out of style or you get tired of design.

In the case of the kitchen countertop, durability is especially important, since it must withstand shocks, heat, spilled hot liquids, sharp objects. So together with the sink and the cooking zone it is one of the most problematic points of the work zone.

Here the most usedmaterials in countertops are presented that offer great durability without neglecting functionality and aesthetics:

Stone countertops

The most frequently used stone materials uses to bemarble and granite, but there happen to be limestone and slate countertops also. All of them are very resistant materials that add elegance to the design, but require careful maintenance.

The granite might be more or less resilient to stains based on the category, but there happens to be brands that combine a treatment that covers the surface to avoid absorption of oils or rest of the products that actually can spoil the appeal of the counter.

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