How to give your home the 1940s vintage look

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The 1940s was a split decade, with the Second World War ending in 1945. The conflict and tragedy of war brought about much instability, a damaged economy and new technology. These changes would shape a whole generation and bring about a new style and movement in design.

1940s interior design

After you have moved into your new home following the legal support of Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham company you can start planning how you want each of the rooms to look. 1940s styling has become more and more popular over the years along with a few other decoration trends.

To recreate a 1940s look in your home, consider these design tips. The interior design of the 1940s is generally thought of as a “make do and mend” era that was created by the war. It was unpatriotic to be seen flashing cash, and most people didn’t have any anyway, so modest and almost frugal interior designs were the look of the times, seen as a mark of respect to those who had fought in the war.

Homes were clad in heavy fabrics with lots of floral patterns in muted colours. These were commonly recycled from old curtains or furniture. A great deal of furniture was second-hand, which gave the slight Art Deco accent to many homes that was so dominant in the 1920s and 1930s.

1940s flooring was terrible. Linoleum had only recently been introduced, so it was still seen as fresh and exciting. The masses were investing in tile-effect floors, but the linoleum was cheap and the soft sheet flooring had poor quality tile effects that often included block colours. Fortunately, we have luxury vinyl tiles today that are much tougher and harder whilst also looking great.

To add a vintage 1940s look to your room, choose luxury vinyl tiles to represent the look of the decade using quality, beautifully designed tiles. Alternatively, choose laminate flooring, which can come in planks or tiles to closely resemble the look you desire.

Key elements

To create a 1940s interior design look, start with some of these key elements: luxury vinyl tiles in a pale brown stone effect; vintage furniture in dark brown; floral curtains in a heavy, rich pattern; wall paint in pastel green or cream; and a contemporary, old-style vintage radio.

Keep your design minimalist, simple and vintage with heavy fabrics and floral patterns for an authentic 1940s feel to your home. Remember to showcase that old-style radio as a patriotic nod to the times.