When is the best time to replace flooring in your home?

Home Improvement

Carrying out any home renovation can be a long and expensive process, but when it comes to installing hardwood flooring in your home it pays to know exactly what time of year is best to carry out the work.

With Household Quotes reporting that the average cost of installing hardwood flooring is over £1000 (plus the cost of the flooring you choose) failing to prepare your hardwood flooring correctly could be a costly mistake. Theoretically, hardwood flooring can be laid at any time of the year but there are definite advantages to installing it during certain seasons. Here are just a few things to consider if you are planning on fitting hardwood flooring in your home.


During the cold winter months, we tend to have our central heating on a lot. We might use column radiators to heat our home but you may ask What do column radiators look like and will they suit my flooring?. Why not have a look at the options and see what accessories there are.  While this makes our homes cosy, it can have a detrimental effect on freshly laid flooring or flooring that may have absorbed moisture at other times of the year. When blasted with hot, dry air this moisture is quickly sucked out which can lead to planks snapping and becoming distorted in a method known as cupping. On a practical level, winter also tends to be an inconvenient time to undertake home improvements due to the cold weather and impending holidays.


If you live in a particularly humid climate then avoid laying solid wood flooring during the summer months. With high temperatures and humidity comes excess moisture in the air and as wood is a highly porous, organic product it will absorb this moisture and it might lead the boards to become misshapen and damaged over time. Instead, install your hardwood flooring when the temperatures are cool (but not freezing), crisp and dry.

So when is the best time?

Taking into account the above factors, the autumn months are the prime opportunity to lay hardwood flooring in your home. The air will be dry and they will absorb minimal moisture. As adhesives are also used regularly in the installation of hardwood flooring you will need to take into account the temperatures required for this to dry adequately (usually around 60 degrees). This is a temperature that can be achieved best during the autumn months when the heat has died down but the freezing temperatures are yet to come.