The Biggest Duct Temperature Sensors Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Home Improvement

If you clean off snow and icicles from an icy roof in the usual way, this can provoke damage to the roof and drips on the ceilings. This problem can be eliminated with a smart home anti-icing system. As for heating, it is quite entrepreneurial to eliminate this nuisance by installing a boiler. This greatly facilitates the process of heating the room, and you can adjust the operation of the boiler at your own discretion. The gas boiler operates according to standard settings, oriented towards the minimum air temperature. But it is not always convenient to regulate the boiler at every change of weather outside the window. The output is an external temperature sensor. Such a device functions like an outdoor thermometer, but has many more functions.

How do outdoor temperature sensors work?

The task of the Duct Temperature Sensors is to relieve you of the worry of manually adjusting the boiler water supply temperature. The sensor measures the air temperature outside, retrieves from memory the settings for the required room temperature set by us and sets the required temperature of the water supplied to the boiler. The states, let’s say outside -15 ° С, while you want the temperature in the room to be + 23 ° С. the desired climate, and then the system independently adjusts all the parameters for you. At the same time, if the house does not have insulation, or there are not enough radiators, the system will heat the water up to 80 ° C.

The advantage of using an outdoor temperature sensor

Once you set your temperature regime in the house, you will always be warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather. In addition, the external temperature sensor optimizes the cost of fuel consumption by the boiler, since the boiler does not work continuously, but at a certain frequency. Thus, you significantly reduce costs by about 10-15%.