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If you want to organize outdoor events in good conditions, the reception tent is the solution. Friendly and economical in the long term, it allows you to enjoy your guests in a pleasant and summery setting.

Discover all tips for choosing a cheap and functional party tent, as well as a comparison between the 3 models that are selected for you.

What size for a party tent?

To determine the surface area you need, you must first estimate the precise number of guests the tent will accommodate, as well as the type of reception (sitting, standing, dancing, etc.). Once these factors are established, a very simple rule allows you to calculate the necessary dimensions:

1m 2 = one person seated or 2 people standing.

Thus 4×6 reception tents will accommodate between 20 and 25 seated guests and 50 standing. For a formal dinner of around 30 people, opt for a 3×9 party tent instead. Finally, a 4×10 tent is ideal for 40 people seated or for a large reception of 70 to 80 standing guests. Have the details at the

The advantages of the reception tent


Very versatile, the party tent adapts to all types of occasions: formal dinners, weddings, birthday parties, dances, outdoor conferences, banquets. If you often organize summer events, it is is essential equipment.


From a budget perspective, having a party tent can be very profitable. Even if the purchase represents a certain cost at the beginning, it will allow you to make significant savings in the long run compared to renting a room. You will be able to re-use it many times.

Removable structure

Entirely modular, the elements of the tent can be transformed according to your wishes. You are free to remove the side walls if you prefer an open space. Conversely, you can completely choose to create a completely closed room, from the sides to the entrances.