5 Important Things To Do When Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

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Boxing up your entire life is cumbersome no matter where you are heading. Moving everything far away, though, adds an extra layer of concern. You can’t simply head on back to see if you left something. It’s all or nothing, adding a bit of stress to the entire situation. To make the long-distance trek a bit simpler and less nerve-racking, it’s best to plan ahead and think of any road bumps you may encounter. The following are five things that may make the experience easier.

1. Write Out a List

Give yourself a some time to organize your ideas. Grab a sheet of paper. This is a great time to write out the old-fashioned to-do list. It keeps you on track, prevents forgetting any important steps and creates a sense of satisfaction as you knock each stage off the inventory. Spend a bit of time researching different tasks, and remember that you can add to that checklist at anytime.

2. Obtain Moving Estimates

When crossing state lines or going across the country, you’ll want to enlist the assistance of professional long distance movers in St Louis MO. These trucking companies understand the force of the road and the need to safeguard valuables. Don’t hesitate to call around, comparing costs and services. Spend time reading reviews online, and ask customer service questions about their procedures. Select the one that not only fits into your budget, but that also makes you feel good about the move.

3. Reduce Belongings

You are going somewhere brand new. It can be overwhelming to acclimate to a new city and a new house at the same time. Add mass boxes to unpack, and the anxiety could be worse. Before loading up the moving van, think about minimizing. If you haven’t used something in years (or even months), it might be time to donate or sell it. That’s simply one less thing to deal with when you arrive in your destination.

4. Prepare for Delays

Understand that weather and road conditions could impact delivery times. Be patient, and remember that your belongings should get there soon. In the meantime, have with you anything absolutely important such as an extra change of clothes and medicines.

5. Label Everything Carefully

Use a sharpie or pre-printed labels to clearly delineate what is in each box. Note the room it should go, the type of valuables inside and if something is breakable.

Enjoy your new place. It’s an exciting time. The more efficient the move, the sooner you get to relax and soak in the new environment.