4 Ways to Discover a Leaky Pipe that does not Show Any Signs

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Pipes don’t always make a scene when they leak. Oftentimes, they are silent and unseen, and there’s no way to find out about them.

So instead of assuming that everything is okay with your pipes and plumbing system, you must do your part in ensuring the plumbing health of your home. As such, here are four steps that kiasuplumber advises you to do regularly to discover a pipe leak.

Monitor your water meter

If you’ve been living in your house for some time now, you must have an idea of your water usage. How much do you usually pay for your water bill monthly? Observe if there’s a sudden increase in your water bill because sudden spikes like that are the first sign of water leakage.

Aside from observing the pattern of your usage, you can ask around the community about their water bill and compare it with yours. A sudden surge in the water bills of homes living in the same community can also mean a breakdown or leak in one of the community plumbing pipes.

But if it seems like your water bill increase is an isolated case, you better check the pipes inside your home for some signs of leaks.

Check for patches on the wall

Dark patches or lines on the wall can be caused by many factors. One of which is too much moisture on the surface due to too much heat. But it can also be caused by a water leak.

As you may know, there are water pipes hidden in between the walls of your home. These pipes form a plumbing network that is also susceptible to breaks and damage.

If you can see these lines and patches on the wall, there’s a possibility that your pipes within them have leaked or broken. You can consult an expert plumber for an in-depth inspection and assessment to confirm your observations.

If it’s a leaking pipe that causes the dark patches and lines, they can also replace the pipe with a new one.

Inspect for water buildup under the toilet

Another spot in the house that you should inspect when looking for leaks is the surface under the toilet bowl. Sometimes, we think that the puddle of water may be caused by drops of water that normally fall from the toilet seat.

We usually think there’s no reason to be alarmed because the bathroom surface is expected to be wet all day. But you have to be more observant of a water build-up like this.

When you always notice a puddle of water under the toilet bowl, this could be a sign of a leak. Some components of your toilet bowl may be damaged or broken, and that’s the culprit of a constant water buildup under the toilet seat.

Don’t ignore this sign because an unsolved leak will lead to a higher water bill. What’s worse is that the damage can get bigger, leading to a more complicated plumbing problem.

Check the dark areas where hidden pipes are located

Finally, we advise you to check your basement, flooring, and kitchen closets where pipe networks are located.

Some homeowners fail to inspect these dark and hidden spaces in their houses where pipes are located. Due to lack of inspection, they fail to repair or replace broken pipes that have been damaged over time. Broken and damaged pipes lead to water leakage that should be addressed immediately.

If you still have the plumbing plan of your house, check it and locate where the plumbing pipes are. They can lead you to leaks that you haven’t discovered yet.