How Can You Choose the Right Colour for Your Flooring


The world of colour is huge and many industries have spent a long, long time studying colour and its ability to change our mood or influence our behaviour. Blue is a very trustworthy colour used by many banks or building societies, and the NHS. It’s been suggested that red makes us hungry, and it’s used by a lot of fast-food chains. It makes sense then that the colours you use in your home are carefully thought out so that bedroom is relaxing, your living room is friendly, and so on. The choices you make must also include the often overlooked area of flooring.

Look at Light

Natural light is a very important consideration for any new decor. Look at the light in your room, but be sure to look at several times throughout the day as the light will change. If you can wait, look at the light at different times of the year, too, because it will alter. Use tester pots and samples, and see how they fare in various natural lights, but also how they look under artificial light. This is also something you may want to consider when using a Conservatories Cheltenham company to install an addition to your home. Thinking about the light that will be entering the room is a great place to begin before you order your flooring.

Size of Space

Paler colours can help make a space appear bigger, and in contrast, darker colours can add an element of drama. As the floor is among the biggest areas of colour in a room, it can have a significant impact on the whole ambience and how it makes you feel. Darker wood tones can help make a larger room feel cosy, whereas lighter tones can open up a smaller space.

Decor Choice is Bigger Than the Floor

Don’t forget that the floor is one element of any room’s decor, but that it cannot be a standalone part. Consider the furniture that will be housed in the space, and the overall look you are looking to achieve. Browns, creams and greys are great for a country or shabby-chic look, and reds and purples give a suggestion of luxury and opulence.

Remember, this is your home, so colours should also reflect your personality and the feelings and energy that you are trying to create in each room. You may find that your flooring choices will be affected by the room type and its uses. There are many flooring companies that will send you samples of your preferred flooring options for a small price.