What Are The Most Common Problems With Old Windows?

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The older your windows get, the more difficult they can be when trying to perform the tasks and purposes they are expected to accomplish. That includes making the home more energy efficient, keeping the outside elements from getting inside, and make the property more aesthetically geared towards improved curb appeal.

Your windows are also an ideal way for allowing natural sunlight to help brighten and beautify the interior of the house. You take the time to dress them properly with curtains or blinds so you can control the amount of light and heat that gets in and out.

With all of these important functions that must be carried out by windows, it can be frustrating when they aren’t operating as intended. In fact, most of us don’t give much thought to our windows until something has happened to one or more of them. Even then, we don’t always take it as an urgent call to action, leaving the less pressing matters to get worse over time and degrade slowly.

These matters can affect the quality and integrity of the window and it won’t just cost you more money to leave them unattended for the long run, but you could be putting the security of your home at risk in the bargain.

So let’s take a look at the most common problems that can exist with old windows. Some of these might be addressed with a simple repair, others may require a full replacement with newer, more updated versions. Installing windows can get costly, we here at Philadelphia Window would like to urge you to take action if any of your old windows are demonstrating the following issues.

Cracked or Shattered Panes

Perhaps the most common and aesthetically displeasing issue with old windows glass panes that have been cracked or broken. You wouldn’t believe how many homeowners are content with leaving a busted pane unattended. The reason they usually do this is when an outer pane has been compromised but the inner pane or panes have been left intact.

But while this can mar the appearance of your home, there are other factors that make a cracked or shattered window pane worth fixing. Any compromised aspect of the window is going to lead to leakage of air and possibly rain and snow.

Leaks can lead to a lack of energy efficiency as your costly climate-controlled air is allowed to seep out. Water damage can occur when precipitation dribbles in and penetrates drywall and other areas of the home. It’s important to look for even the smallest crack in your glass pane because those can turn into much larger problems before long.

Broken Seals

Leaks aren’t just a symptom of cracked or shattered window pane, the seals in older windows can fail over time. This is due to corrosion or just an inability of the seal to withstand all of the daily wear and tear that comes with regular use.

The biggest challenge is that you may not even know your window seal has failed except for when you find condensation between the panes of double or triple pane windows or higher heating or cooling costs.

Poor Functionality

Sometimes you may find that you’re having an issue simply trying to open or shut your window. With so many different types out there, different windows operate in different ways. Some use cranks, some have double sashes, just about all of them work on tracks. All of these windows can fail to operate correctly in some capacity as they age.

This could be due to any number of things, be it a warped or otherwise damaged frame, a dirty track, or one or more components breaking down and failing to work as expected. Depending on the reasons for your faulty operation, there are assorted methods as to fixing the cause of the malfunction. Some are easier (and cheaper) than others, some may be too significant as to warrant a complete replacement of the window.

Noise Pollution

One of the most evident signs that your windows have gotten old is by way of the amount of noise you hear in your home coming from the area surrounding it. Any residences that are located next to busy roads, crowded thoroughfares, and other high traffic areas may discover they’re hearing a lot more from the outside than they might like or even expect.

Those are your old windows letting more than just air leak in or out of your home, they’re also allowing the sounds of the world outside to get inside.