The Top Trends for Windows and Doors In 2020

Doors and Windows

If there is one thing to know about windows, it’s this: Trends come and go, but the classics will endure for as long as you own your home. Which makes some of these top design trends for 2020 so encouraging for homeowners who may feel inclined to follow the popular lead. Your windows have a lot to say about your home and how you see the world around it.

So, let’s get a look at the styles and design options that experts are saying will be the most sought-after throughout the year ahead.

Back in Black

When it comes to your window frames, think about using black to your advantage. Black window frames are a classic look that give your home distinction and sophistication and they complement just about any architectural style and interior design.

Black goes with everything and it’s an aesthetic choice you should consider implementing for 2020.

Dark Spectrum

Perhaps black is too severe for your tastes, darker colors are making a comeback in just about every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. So, when you are considering an aesthetic selection for the frames of your doors and windows, think about adopting darker shades and tones if you don’t feel comfortable going with black.

This leaves you with a multitude of alternatives such as dark red, dark blue, even dark green.

Expanded Views

Sometimes a frame around your window just isn’t the right decision. That’s why home builders and home buyers alike are opting to turn their walls into floor to ceiling windows to provide for a highly-stylized modern aesthetic.

These windows allow for larger, more expanded views of the surrounding exterior environment of the property and landscape.

Brilliant and Bold

Regardless of the architectural style of the home, your doors and windows should never be boring. In 2020, boring classifies tones and shades that are neutral or muted, such as gray and beige. Even white is less exciting than the wide variety of colors that are available from companies like Pella and Renewal by Andersen for your doors and windows. The colors and hues you choose are limited only by your own courage and imagination.

Think big with rich shades of bright colors like green and purple or take a less bold approach with softer yellows and blues that can enhance the décor palette of your home.

Small Changes

Your windows and doors are such important components of your home’s appearance. But if you would rather not implement an entire renovation of these aspects of the house, think instead about making smaller changes to them. We’re talking about the hardware items that are imperative to the operational facets of both your doors and your windows.

Think about upgrading what currently exists, probably black or silver, to something more remarkable and eye-catching such as gold, brass, or even consider introducing more bold colors where there are none right now. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make the biggest differences in giving your home a whole new appearance.