Transformer Maintenance and Repair


Transformer maintenance is an assurance that the machine will have an extended life of an efficient generation. The best effective way to ensure that a transformer is properly running and serving an industry is by repairing and remanufacturing. By maintaining a transformer, one tends to save a lot of money and also gets guaranteed a continuous production. Repairing a transformer is way better than replacing with a new every other time.

Repairing transformers requires a team of professionals who are heavily experienced in the industry. Managing to raise and place the transformer down for repair and maintenance can be challenging. Other related pieces of equipment have to be involved in order to oversee an effective recondition, repair and remanufacture of the transformer. Equipment’s like cranes are involved in the process.

Other processes that transformers undergo is PCB testing, undressing and dressing. Engineers recommend firms to always prefer to repair their transformers instead of going for a new transformer that meets all the specifications and requirements just like the existing one.

Transformers of all sizes are repairable. All singles and three-phase transformers can also undergo an effective repair. Once a transformer is being repaired, it’s crucial that all the procedures be adhered so that the transformer can meet all the standards anticipated.

Also, when thinking about transformer maintenance, always go for qualified professionals. Engineers with experience in the field will always make your transformer new and running proficiently. Moreover, the transformer will properly fit back to its previous location without undergoing further modifications.

In an industry, ensure that all your voltage regulators, reclosers, pad mounted switches and oil circuit are well maintained. Transformer repair service should be general, involving all these parts. Before everything is set back in place, tests should be done so that there won’t be a call for undressing or remedial works. A highly trained and experienced team is fully aware of this drill.

When you feel that your transformer is not effectively generating power as before, you should call your repair team to conduct an inspection. It’s always better to solve an issue earlier enough before the actual problem develops. Transformers can be regarded as very critical machines. Once they break down, various activities inside the industry become stagnant. This means that production takes a halt. This can really be devastating for a company or an institution.

Always record the dates that a transformer was repaired. This way, you’ll keep track of the next repair. Such minor details are very crucial. They ensure that you and your engineer are updated. Before major repairs, ask your engineer to check for wire defects. At times wires are the cause of all the breakdowns. Okay, the engineer is more experienced in the field but it wouldn’t be silly to ask the professional check that. In fact, the engineer would be glad that you are more interested to see the transformer up and running again if it had broken down.

Sharing ideas with your engineer will also create a better rapport. Strong working bonds are highly regarded. Always ensure that your transformer is maintained and repaired for an efficient service.