How to Best Clean A Wood Fence or Deck


The cleaning of a wood fence or deck should always be done with extreme caution. That’s because the cleaning methods you choose to clean a fence or a deck can have some potentially damaging results if not done properly.

You can elect to call a company that does professional fence cleaning in Olathe but that could be a waste of your money because this is work you can easily do yourself as long as you use the right amount of caution. So, let’s review all of the important matters that you should keep in mind before you start:

Check for Damage

Wood can start to show its age and grow more vulnerable the longer you own it. It’s the same with wood fencing and decking. So, before you get that power washer out and aim it at your fence or deck, you must first check for any damage that might have occurred over time.

As you do your inspection, you may discover cracked or fractured boards, rusty or uprooted nails, mold and mildew, pest infestation, and/or rot. Before you get to work you will need to do this examination thoroughly and then decide if you need to make any major repairs before you start to clean.

Be sure you also look for any soft spots in the wood, either in the decking and railings for a deck and the boards and posts for a fence. The joints are also a common location for weaknesses and advanced stages of wear to be the most evident. In the event you do come across some areas where repairs are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the fence or the deck, be sure you do those first.

There’s no sense in cleaning a wood fence or deck in disrepair, it will just get messed up all over again when the necessary repairs or replacements are made.

Pressure Washing the Surface

Whether it’s a wood fence or a wood deck you are planning to clean with powerful equipment such as a pressure washer, you need to take the proper precautions. The first thing to do, after you’ve inspected and possibly fixed any damage, is to test the resilience of the surface to withstand the force of water pressure that you will be expelling from the nozzle of the unit.

A pressure washer is extremely powerful and using water pressure to clean the surface of any wood deck or fence is done not just to clear away weeks or years of caked-on gunk and grime but to also peel away the top layers of faded or dead wood cells that are making the wood appear dull, dingy, and grey.

Removing those dead cells will leave behind a rough texture into which your new stain or paint will then be absorbed to revitalize the appearance of your fence or deck. So, don’t be shy about eliminating dirt, dust, grime, and mildew, even if it roughens the texture of the wood. Just be cautious you don’t blast a hole through the surface and splinter the wood you’re trying to preserve.