Types of issues you can face with your sewage system


When looking at problems of the plumbing and sewage system, they can be numerous. On one hand, there are the usual clogs, leaks and breaks. While on the other hand, there are some other problems also, like noisy pipes, decreased water pressure from the faucets and abnormal water temperature.

The leaks can be due to damaged or burst pipes as well as broken tanks of flushes or pumps. The clogs and blocks can be due to accumulation of oil, grease and solid substances like tree roots, shrubs, cigarette buds, pampers etc. and can lead to standing water that not only gives off bad smell but is also bad for health.

The breaks can be due to blockage and frozen pipes and are common during winter. In extreme cold temperatures, the water in the pipes freezes and if not melted with proper water heating system, can lead to broken pipes. These broken pipes can lead to further damage of property. The leaking water would not only destroy the walls and floor but also your belongings and furniture.

Noise in pipes is also a problem that can have various causes, one of them being faulty ball valves. The pipes may also make noise when they move and come in contact with the walls or floor because of their incorrect clipping. Banging sound is also produced in the pipes if air gets trapped at the stop tap.

Water pressure coming from the pipes and taps varies according to the height and location of the system as well as on the time of the day. The standard is 10 meters per head for the mains water pressure. This can also be understood in the way that a 4.5 liter container should be filled in about half a minute from the main tap of your house at normal water pressure.

If you are continuously facing a deficiency in this regard than that means there is some problem with your plumbing system that is leading to the continuous decreased water pressure coming from your taps and showers.

In the same way, the temperature of water coming from your pipes should not fluctuate from the set point. If the cold water is not coming out warm or the temperature is exceeding the set point for your water heater, this means that the water heater is not working properly.

Also, a flooded basement points towards a broken sump pump. This can be very harmful as it can destroy your property. The carpeting, furniture and electrical appliances can be destroyed along with growth of harmful mold and mildew.

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