Settling In Japan From A Asia –Pacific Perspective


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. It ranks among the top five. It is among one the most technologically advanced and academically rich countries also. The major land of the country is covered by mountains and dense jungles. Lifestyle of the people is urban though. The natural exquisiteness, history, society has been attracting every tourists around the globe. The outsiders might think Japan as stereotypical and orthodox country. The experience of travelers and those who have shifted their base to Japan from another country has shown a contrary picture to all these conjectures.

The enriching Japanese community

But like every countries, Japan has some limitations also. So it is necessary to take a look at all those aspects that are related to living in the Land of Rising Sun. Let’s look at few positives here:

  • You can shop everything in Japan. Stores are always well maintained. The convenience of living an urban life is greatly supported by retail market and stores of Japan. Compared to US also, it stands right among the top of the list.
  • Getting a basic job here is surprisingly easy. That too as a teacher. If someone is fluent in English or a native English speaker, he or she can start teaching English in a school in Japan. It has also been heard that Japanese have a greater regards for those who know English.
  • Japanese public transport is arguably the best in the world. People here mostly rely on public transports. Having your own car is not necessary at all. The country has one of the best railway and subway train facility. Other public transports are also notably good.
  • Japanese technology and research in fundamental science are extremely rich. Japan is a joy for those people looking for career in those domains.

Nothing comes without challenges

Now we need to consider other side of the coin too:

  • Even though English can you a job, it is extremely difficult for a non-Japanese speaking to get other job than teaching. Other prominent jobs like business, engineering, service require JLPT N2 certificate which is a certificate for proficiency in Japanese and is fairly difficult to get.
  • There will be social discrimination for an outsider. It has been said that only the Japanese can be accepted in the community in true sense.
  • Living in Japan is not cheap. Cost of living is higher than US, UK or Australia.
  • Also the food. It is different. Some of them are delicious. But it is extremely difficult for an outsider to get used to grow Japanese way of cooking and eating.

Checklist for moving into Japan

While moving to Japan from Australia should consider a few things. Passport, visa and other paperwork are there. It is important to have a document from the Japanese employer or scholarship provider to receive a certificate of eligibility from the immigration. One should make sufficient money and should be able to maintain his or her own finance. Thus, living in Japan is enriching in terms of quality of life if one is ready to accept the challenge that comes with it.