5 Easy Steps to Building Your Pond at Home


If you ever want to try something new to freshen up the atmosphere in your front yard, you should consider building a pond at home. If you think about it, it might be too much work but read on to know how building a pond can be done in five easy steps.

Decide and mark the area 

Choose an area in your garden you think is the best place for a water pond. Take into consideration how big you want your pond to be and make sure it will not block the pathway. Also, choose a spot that gets enough sunlight. After you have decided the location, use either a garden hose or rope to outline the area with the shape of the pond you like. It would be beneficial if you use oval and kidney-shaped ponds as they have optimum water circulation. Use paint to mark the outline.

Excavate the area

Now, this may be tricky, especially if it is your first time digging. You should ask for guidance from local authorities to check for pipelines or underground cables that might be damaged. Once you are good to go, dig your pond area around 6 to 8 inches. This will serve as the plant shelf. Dig a more in-depth area in the inner part of your pond around 2 inches; this will be the bedrock area. Dig another area 1 inch deeper for your skimmer box. You can use the dirt removed from digging to build a retaining wall. Excess can be disposed of; you can hire junk removal services for things like this. Partner with a junk removal Chicago company that offers to load and haul junk at reasonable prices.

Use a pond kit

Digging does not finish the job of making a pond; there are various features you need to install like pumps, liners, valves, and a skimmer. All of these come in a pond kit that you can purchase online or at your local hardware store. These will make your job easier as all you need to do is assemble the pieces while following a manual.

Add finishing touches to your pond

All that is left to do is make your pond stronger by adding boulders and rocks. Create structural support for the walls of your pond. Use gravel to fill gaps between boulders and to line the floor of your pond.

Fill the pond and add plants and fish

Fill the pond with water. Be creative and put shallow water plants like lilies to add color. You can also put cute sculptures like elves, or other designs of your choice to make it more aesthetic. Add fish of your choice that you will have fun tending to; colorful ones like koi fish or small ones will do great.

It might be a crazy idea, but the sight and sound of water add freshness, calmness, and a greener vibe to your garden. Not only will it make your yard look alive and pleasing, tending, and watching your pet fish can be therapeutic for you and your family.