How to Handle Different Types of Upholstery Stains


Clean upholstery is the cornerstone of any good household. Unfortunately, it can be tough to maintain this standard what with all of the perils that your furniture is exposed to on a daily basis. Stains don’t have to be permanent, but they can be if you don’t know how to handle them.

The good news is there are steps you can take to prevent those stains from marking up your furniture. Short of calling in expert upholstery cleaning charles town wv, you have common household options to help protect and beautify your upholstery the next time a messy accident occurs…and trust us, it will.

The following are some of the most common types of stains you can expect to encounter over the life of your upholstery and the ways to handle them.


This type of stain can be a real challenge, unless you know what you’re doing. All you need to do is get some baking soda and sprinkle it directly on the stain or combine baking soda with some water to create a stain-lifting paste. The task at hand is to suck up as much oil as possible, so you may want to leave the baking soda on the stain for up to 15 minutes, to ensure it all comes out. When you’re done, vacuum the baking soda up and blot any remaining oil.


Depending on the food you’ve stained the upholstery with, you may only need some water and a mild dish soap to get those stains out of your armrests and seat cushions. If you’re dealing with a stain made by a dairy product, go with cool water instead. In fact, if you are unsure about where the stain came from, cool water is the way to go regardless. Warm is fine when you know warm will be most effective.


This can apply to spilled raspberry and cherry juices or wine. In either case, you can take apply some sparkling water to the area and blot with a clean, dry cloth. Should you need something a little more heavy-duty to get at the stain, mix a teaspoon of detergent and a tablespoon of vinegar together and add to four cups of cold water. Dab your cloth into the mixture and then blot the stain. Once you’ve finished rinse the stain thoroughly.


For some, coffee is a morning ritual that can get messy. When it hits that white sofa, you may think your upholstery is ruined. Not true, not when you have liquid laundry detergent and warm water at hand…and what household doesn’t have both of these within reach? This one may take a few minutes to fully eliminate, but remember, a few extra minutes of work can eliminate a stain that will drive you crazy for as long as you own that sofa.


Hard to say when you might spill ink on your upholstery but when you do, grab rubbing alcohol and pour it directly on the stain. Blot gingerly, moving from the edge of the stain to the inside. Just remember, whatever you do, do NOT rub. You’ll only make the stain much, much worse.